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How to Get Your Private Information Off of Nuwber - SecuriSee Consulting

How to Get Your Private Information Off of Nuwber

How to Get Your Private Information Off of Nuwber

There are tons of sites that scrape the internet for information that while technically public domain, shouldn’t be so easy to be listed online. They publish your information and then turn around and try to sell you “Information Security” products. Great business model. The old “Let’s create a problem and then sell them a solution”. So you need to know how to get your private information off of Nuwber.


I have tons of clients who want to erase their digital footprint as much as possible. And while it’s nearly impossible to do that you can take steps to minimize what’s out there.


I recently discovered online information for someone who is mostly off grid. In the days of phone books, they were unlisted. They don’t own a cell phone, much less a computer or have an internet connection. Yet Nuwber found their information (name, number, address, etc) and has made it easy for anyone to find. Yes, they argue “This information is out there, we just found it”. Yes, but it wasn’t so easy to find until you “found it” and put it out there for everyone to easily see. I personally have found incorrect information attributed to me from another website and had it taken down.


They state on the site:


“Nuwber compiles publicly available information from third-party sources. Therefore, removing a listing from our directory will not remove your information from its original source, and your information may still appear on other directory sites. You may have multiple listings on Nuwber, each of which is identified by a unique URL, and must be removed individually. Also, since we continually receive new and updated records, please recheck Nuwber regularly for additional listings that may appear.


Due to the number of ways we source our data, removals may take up to 48 hours.”


So again – “We just dug around and found it and put it here. Not our fault!”


So to the important part How to Get Your Private Information Off of Nuwber-


how to get your information off of nuwber

Tricky, tricky, Nuwber…

If you find that Nuwber has published your information online take the following



If you have found it in an internet search click on the offending link. If now, you may want to go to and enter your name to see if it’s on there.


Copy that link


Go to (you’ll have to excuse me for not linking to their site, you’ll have to copy and paste.


Enter the offending link that has your information


Click “Submit”


I’ve found that they won’t allow you to do multiple removals using the same email address, even though you might have multiple family members that need removal. Just one more way to make it harder (and for them to potentially collect more email addresses). So maybe use a bunch of burner addresses.


Continue to be vigilant about keeping your information secure and off the web when possible.


Speaking of personal information – what about your kids?


If you need help maintaining your online identity, let me know.