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You Should Work Until You Die - SecuriSee Consulting

You Should Work Until You Die

You Should Work Until You Die

You read that right – you should work until you die.


Suze Orman recently raised to 70 the age that she feels American should work until before retiring. I’m going to go one up on that and say you should work until you die. Kaput. right there on the spot, hunched over a computer.


You often hear that “Youth is wasted on the young” and well old age is wasted on the Olds, too. Take a look around you, most of the able bodied people you know are out working and wishing they had more time to travel, and do fun things. And most of the old people are too old and unhealthy to travel and do fun things like they wanted to do when they were younger.


Between 400 million and 800 million of today's jobs will be automated by 2030


Forget the “FIRE” method!


This is what I propose: a reverse retirement. I say do all of the things that will enrich your life, and your family’s lives, and your children’s lives before you get old! Spend that quality time with your loved ones while it’s the most meaningful. Be with your kids to help raise them. Show them the world! And then when your kids are ready to head off to college and think that they don’t need you anymore, then you can go to work.


This study from the government (I know, that’s like saying “this guy on Facebook said…”) says that already 1/2 of today’s jobs require using a computer, and that is going to “increase to 77% in the next decade”. Going back from when that was published, that gives us 6 years before more than 3/4 of us will be hunched over a computer making ourselves go blind. Note to self – maybe invest in chiropractors and comfy office chair makers. Heck, Forbes reports that “between 400 million and 800 million of today’s jobs will be automated by 2030”. Note to self – scratch those chiropractor and office chair investments. Invest in athletic cups and supporters and toilet recliners. My point is – old people can stare at a computer screen with the best of us. However they can’t be as ambulatory as most of us. At least not yet.


And think of it! Rather than the government having to pay for expensive Medicare and the old age illnesses that drive up prices, let the employers do it. And use Medicare for young, healthy people! And the availability of jobs! High turnover will make job availability endless!


So rather than be young and stare at a computer screen instead of living your life, let’s just all wait until we’re old. It’ll solve the problem of not having a purpose in later life.


Oh, how are we going to afford life when we’re young and don’t have a job? Mooch off our parent’s Twitch Stream income, I guess.


I’m off to download Fortnite onto my mom’s phone.


By the way – do you have any idea what people can find when they look through your social media past?


I’m just saying that James Gunn could have used this service. So could you.