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SEO - SecuriSee Consulting

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Securisee Consulting

Tampa, FL 33545

(209) 683-4327

(209) 683-4327

SEO Page Ranking
SEO Page Ranking

Nearly 2/3 of clicks go to the top 3 spots. Let’s see if we can move you closer to the top.

SEO management
SEO Optimization

No one is going to notice you if they don’t know you exist. YOU EXIST! Prove it to everyone.

click funnels
Click Funnels

You needs clicks for your site, right? Well, let’s get you some clicks!

google registries
Google Regsitries

Before the new millenium there were the Yellow Pages (ask your grandparents). Google is now that. Let’s make sure you’re noticed everywhere.

Make Your Content Visible & Super Optimized

SEO optimization is the most important thing to have for your business, both online and offline. However there are no shortcuts

The most important thing you can do is grow organically by building great content with structurally sound SEO practices.

seo optimization web

Ready to take the next step and get noticed?

My Services & Expertise

Not every service is right for everyone, whether it be size, type, or price point. I have a service just right for you and your business.

SEO Auditing
SEO Auditing

Need to figure out where things are going wrong or right and where to double down?

Let me run a full SEO audit of your website.

SEO Management
SEO Management

Let me build up your SEO for you with one-time or recuuring SEO services.

Let me build up your SEO for you with one-time SEO services.

Video Courses
Video Courses

Enroll in my complete video masterclass and get moving in the right direction

Coming soon! Join the list now and receive 50% off!

Complete Web Design Services
Complete Web Design Services

Don't have the time, or patience? I get it.

I will personally build out your website for you including initial SEO and setting up everything you'll need for future success.

SEO Optimization
SEO Audit

Technical Audit

Sitemap Audit

Content Audit

Structural Audit

Full, Customized Report

SEO Optimization

Link Optimization

Tag Optimization

Content Optimization

Link Analysis

Google Optimization


Have a WordPress page you're looking to optimize? I can help.


Have a great product but can't figure out how to get people to find and buy? Let me help you.

Woo Commerce

Need some help optimizing your Woocommerce site? I can do that.

Affiliate Sites

Making money through affiliate advertising? It's tricky, but SEO can be done.

eCommerce Websites

What kind of CMS are you running? Shopify? Magento? Opencart? Let's do it.

Drop Shipping Sites

Don't want the hassle of warehousing thousands of products? I get it. LEt me help you optimize that storefront.

Reading Material

When you have a moment, perhaps you would care to peruse come of our curated content. Some of it useful, some of it… not.

But all of it entertaining in some way.

Ready to take the next step and get noticed?